Negril, Jamaica
level: populated place
location: Hanover, Jamaica
coordinates: 18° 23' 0" North,
78° 16' 0" West

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Rental Home
in Negril, Jamaica

Try our beautiful rental house, located on the
West part of the island of Jamaica near Negril.

Rental house only $100.00 per night depending on view. Restaurants and attractions are close-by for your convenience. A car is available (plus a driver) to and from the airport. $200 round trip to and from the airport. (80 kilometers). Heplfull hints, never exchange your money at the airport. Get a much better rate at the super market. When you land just ask the driver for what you want, he is a trusted man, been with us for 20 years.

Email Us or call 1-816-935-9312 U.S.A.

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